Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions our customers have had in the past.

Does Stone Polishing & Restoration cause a mess?

A: Our friendly and professional stone care members treat your home as if we were in our own home. With care, dignity, and cleanliness. We will never leave a mess in your home. Water is used for a majority of our services to eliminate dust.

What do you do with our furniture while the services are being performed?

A: We will move all the furniture necessary but to an extent. Our friendly staff can maneuver around certain furniture like tables, chairs, and sofas. Furniture that is built-in or too dangerous for our staff to move will not be moved due to safety and liability reasons. We do recommend that you vacate small tables and other personal items from your furniture prior to service to make our process efficient.

Do you charge for estimates?

A: Estimates are free of charge up to 50 miles. Estimates over 50 miles are charged $200 and an on-site sample is provided at no additional cost.

Once service is complete is there a maintenance package offered?

A: Just like how no piece of natural stone is identical the same goes for customers. Talk to your DSC rep about putting together a custom maintenance program that is specifically formulated for each customer and their needs, wants, concerns etc.

Is it possible to get stains in my natural stone if it is sealed?

A: You may still get stains even when your stone is sealed. Most of the spots you find from everyday use are actually “etches” not “stains.” Etches are usually caused by things such as citric acid, alcohol, hairspray, vinegar, and bleach. They’ll look like colorless dull spots. Stains are discolorations inside the stone that are caused by oils and dark liquids, like wine and ink. In many cases these stains can be removed – occasionally they cannot.

Do you quote by the square foot?

A: Yes/No – there are many variables when quoting a natural stone restoration job. while the square footage of the area is important it is just 1 of many factors that contribute to building a quote.

Will placing a rug over my marble floor harm it?

A: Using a rug for protection of the floor is a good idea. But, keep in mind, some rugs have plastic backing and or rubber that can stretch the surface of the floor over time. We recommend not using those types of rugs.

What chemical should I clean my natural stone surfaces with?

A: No chemicals ever should be used on naturals stone. Mild soap (Dawn, Palmolive etc) and water are all you need.